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Innovation drugs anyone?

Innovation drugs anyone?

As I continue to work with organizations, I am finding a trend in the type of questions my clients are asking about innovation, namely – how do we enable it in our day-to-day? 

As a leadership development facilitator who just spent the last 4 days in Denver at the ATD Conference, I have been struck by an idea based on the research findings in the field of neuroscience and a brilliant keynote speech by Simon Sinek.  Our brains, when stimulated by our environment, produce their own innovation drugs!  Yes, I am serious.  Seratonin and Oxytocin are socially stimulated by feelings of belonging, pride and self-confidence.  In other words, we need those around us to create the experiences that result in the release of these neurotransmitters. 

As leaders, we can contribute to these social stimulants by providing positive feedback to our team members, recognizing their contributions and effort.  If you want innovation to happen, think about your leadership behaviours.  Are you consistently contributing to a socially stimulating work environment where team members feel safe and trusted?

Contributed by Michele Patry, Founder and Principle, Innovative Facilitation,

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Michele Patry, Founder and Principle, Innovative Facilitation

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